The “Message from Sacha” Memorial

                                          (Photograph by Gianfranco Marocchino ©2003)







The NHFP’s third affiliate service, The “Message from Sacha” Memorial, is named in memory of the Marocchinos’ sweet black American shorthair who was struck and killed by a vehicle on Easter Sunday, 2006. Although Sacha’s passing was tragically sudden and raises serious questions about the lack of severity in state laws governing hit and run accidents involving animals, Sacha left the Marocchinos a legacy that allowed them to transcend their grief and become more acutely aware of the seemingly elusive but ever present power of the animal psyche. Sacha’s message to his grieving family, delivered to Dr. Jeri Ryan, Animal Communicator and Founder of The Assisi International Animal Institute, as well as his spontaneous visitation dream, gave them an extraordinary measure of comfort, love and reassurance, suffused with the innate wisdom that is an intrinsic part of all animal consciousness.

As the Marocchinos mourned for Sacha and honored his memory by having their local newspaper, the Vallejo Times-Herald, publish a special tribute to him (as they had done for Anastasia), they also wanted to share Sacha’s moving and edifying message with the public, in hopes that it will help raise awareness about the sensitivity, compassion and wisdom that animals exhibit so well in their roles as companions, healers and messengers throughout varying planes of existence. Visitors to this site may view the entire text of Sacha’s memorial tribute by scrolling below to “In Loving Memory of Sacha” or read his message directly by clicking on the link to the left.

More information on animal communication, Extraordinary Experiences (EEs), and After Death Communication (ADC) may be found by clicking on the links below, all of which provide in-depth details about these fascinating emerging fields.