As Time Goes By
by Gail Pope, Sebastopol, CA:  Gail Pope/BrightHaven, 2007

This educational booklet, written by the founder of BrightHaven--a healing arts center and hospice  for animals-- will guide animal lovers in learning how to help their aging pets grow old gracefully.  It provides valuable, "hands-on" information and suggestions for natural care options based on the Popes' experience with more than 500 animals who have lived at BrightHaven.  Animal lovers will gain confidence in making good decisions for the daily care of their pets as these companion animals enter their autumn years.



Death of a Pet
by Shirl and J.W. Potter, Sr. and George J. Koss; Acworth, GA:  Guideline Publications, 2007
Illustrated by Robert Cafferty
ISBN 1-882951-08-5

This excellent little booklet answers questions about the death of a pet for children and animal lovers of all ages.  Using pictures as well as a question-and-answer format, it provides answers to the most commonly asked questions that arise when a companion animal is lost to death, disappears, or is necessarily removed from the household.



Do Pets Go To Heaven?  Now There is Evidence You Can Believe In
by Dennis Callen, Fenton, MI:  Miracle Life Publishing Company, 2006
ISBN 0975387626

This little book answers the question that multitudes have asked, “What happens to my pet when it dies?”  The book was written for people who are not necessarily religious but still have some kind of belief in God. It was written in storybook form to give hope to everyone who loves animals.  The author tells his story along with the story of the creation of animals, their redemption, and why they will go to Heaven along with their people.  Dennis Callen presents what he perceives as biblical proof of animals surviving death and proceeding to the afterlife that will satisfy even the most ardent biblical scholar.

The author will donate 10% of all sales to The Nikki Hospice Foundation for Pets when his website is accessed through this webpage.  To purchase the book and secure a donation for The NHFP, please click on the link below.


If you encounter difficulty accessing this website, please contact the author/publisher at


For Every Dog An Angel                                                                     For Every Cat An Angel
by Christine Davis, Portland, OR: Lighthearted Press, Inc.                                        by Christine Davis, Portland, OR: Lighthearted Press, Inc.
ISBN 0-9659225-2-9                                                                                                                   ISBN 0-9659225-1-0

For Every Dog An Angel and For Every Cat An Angel celebrate the timeless connection between people and their "forever dogs" and "forever cats."  The whimsical drawings and simple words, both the creation of Christine Davis, are a joyful expression of unconditional love that exists between people and their animal companions.  These magical little books are perfect for welcoming a new furry friend into your home; celebrating the forever dog or cat in your life; bringing comfort to anyone who has lost a beloved pet; or acknowledging a special veterinarian, groomer, or pet sitter.  Charming and delightful, these little treasures will delight cat and dog lovers alike, young and old, and reassure anyone who has had to say goodbye to his or her best four-legged friend.



I 'm Home Again
Pet Reincarnation: A Dog's Story
by B. Brent Atwater
Available March 2008

This book is one of a series that deals with pet reincarnation, be the companion animal a dog, a cat, or a horse.  Meant to provide comfort and inspire hope in pet lovers who have lost a beloved friend, these heart-warming and reassuring stories are a wonderful form of grief support for anyone experiencing pet loss.



Into the Light
by Gail Pope, Sebastopol, CA:  Gail Pope/BrightHaven, 2007

This practical booklet, written by the founder of BrightHaven--a healing arts center and hospice  for animals--
chronicles the last months of life of an animal friend and shows how, through creativity, perseverance and love, a pet can maintain comfort, dignity and peace throughout the last stages of life.  Its subject is as natural as life itself--Love, Hospice Care and Death.  Through the personal experiences of the Popes, animal lovers will learn to understand and care for their pets as they journey through the process of dying and death with tender care and compassionate assistance.



I See You!

 by Nicole Hartz
Illustrated by Milena Robbins
ISBN 978-0-9795500-0-3

This interactive book is appropriate for a child who has suffered the great loss of either a beloved pet or a person, be it their first loss or several. The keepsake format, which is to be personalized, will help the child understand loss and how to heal. Written for ages 1-7, this little cardboard-style book covers several stages of grief, including anger, sadness, joy and celebration of the life lost. The last page is reserved for the child to express his or her feelings with an erasable marker, which will empower parents to help the youngster cope with grieving, loss, and remembrance. A third-place winner at the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards, this book can also be used by adults.



Voices of Comfort, Inspirational Messages to Heal Your Heart When You Lose a Pet

Compiled by Jeanine Corbin

In this collection of selected passages from many of the world's great thinkers, the author addresses the very intense grief of losing a beloved pet.  Through the voices of both modern and classical writers, we are reminded that animals, as well as humans, are also part of God's great universe.  Ms. Corbin has selected those messages that speak directly to the concerns we often have when we are grieving for our pets--the nature of true comfort, belief in eternal life, being re-united with a lost companion animal.  This book seeks to provide reliable answers to these questions and attempts to offer real comfort.




When Only the Love Remains

by Emily Stuparyk
ISBN 0-9684542-0-8

This 240-page hardcover book of poems is based upon the author's personal journey of grieving upon the death of her companion rabbit, Poochie.  The writing process not only helped the author to recover and accept her pet's death, but is a tribute and celebration of an animal's life.  It is designed to help others who are struggling with their own sorrow over the death of a companion animal friend.  The book addresses the stigma still existing in our society that does not allow people to grieve openly when a beloved pet leaves their lives forever.



All of the books listed below by Mary and Herb Montgomery and Teresa Wagner's Legacies of Love audiocassettes are available to pet parents through The Nikki Hospice Foundation for Pets for a $5 donation each, which covers shipping and handling. 
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Your Aging Pet: Making the Senior Years Healthy and Rewarding
by Mary and Herb Montgomery, Illustrated by Judy King, Minneapolis, MN: Montgomery Press, 1997
ISBN 1-879779-04-8

This book is for those who love their aging animals and want to provide a high quality of life for as long as possible. It works especially well when presented as part of a geriatric assessment on the part of veterinarians. It also reminds people of their vet’s recommendations regarding care of teeth, proper nutrition and planning ahead for the eventual end of life. Furthermore, it includes an “At-Home Checklist” to help people know what to look for between regular checkups. Dr. Tina Ellenbogen, Advisory Board Member of The NHFP, provided professional input for this book.

A Final Act of Caring: Ending the Life of an Animal Friend
Mary and Herb Montgomery, Illustrated by Judy J. King, Minneapolis, MN: Montgomery Press, 1993
ISBN 1-879779-02-1

This book is for those who are facing the question of whether and/or when to euthanize. This difficult-to-face topic can be so stressful that people forget much of their vet’s guidance and need something to refer to at home. It gently presents information regarding what is involved in euthanasia, encourages people to get all the medical facts from their vet and review their options, and points out how it is up to the individual to make the final decision. It works especially well when presented by veterinarians who have already discussed the euthanasia option with their clients. Dr. Tina Ellenbogen, Advisory Board Member of The NHFP, provided professional input for this book.

Good-bye, My Friend: Grieving the Loss of a Pet
by Mary and Herb Montgomery, Illustrated by Madeline Berglund, Minneapolis, MN: Montgomery Press, 1999,
ISBN 1-879779-00-5

This book comforts those who are grieving by acknowledging the need as well as the right to grieve the loss of a pet and by explaining the grieving process and suggesting outlets for grief. It is helpful because people reread sections of the book again and again. It works especially well when the veterinarian fills in and signs the dedication page for the client, and because it is also an ongoing reminder of the veterinary staff’s care and compassion. 

Forever in My Heart:  Remembering My Pet’s Life
(A fill-in book for Adults)
by Mary and Herb Montgomery, Minneapolis, MN:  Montgomery Press, 2000, ISBN 1-879779-07-2

This book is a gentle guide for looking back at a pet’s life from the joyful beginning to the sad farewell and to all that lay in between. When finished it becomes a treasury of memories to live on in the heart.

I Remember:  A Book about My Special Pet
(A fill-in book for Children)
by Mary and Herb Montgomery, Minneapolis, MN:  Montgomery Press, 2000, ISBN 1-879779-06-4

To grieve well is to remember well. This book provides space for photos, drawings and written memories. When completed it becomes a cherished record of a child’s life shared with a special animal.  

Legacies of Love:  A Gentle Guide to Healing from the Loss of Your Animal Loved One (A double audiocassette read by the author)
by Teresa L. Wagner, Carmel, CA: Carmel Digital Pure Sound, 1998, ISBN 1-891864-08-4

With extraordinary empathy and love, Teresa Wagner brings the bereaved pet parent a compelling message of hope and renewal.  She gently leads the listener through a journey of understanding grief and why animal loss is different.  Mourners learn tools to not only cope with grief, but to truly heal and find meaning from loss.  They are guided through a magical meditation to help them more easily accept letting go and connect with the spirit of their animal loved one.


Journey Through Pet Loss
by Deborah Antinori, MA, RDT, NCC; ISBN 0-966884-81-7

Journey Through Pet Loss is a soulful outreach to those who lose an animal companion through death or other circumstances. Deborah Antinori has woven a tapestry of personal and therapeutic elements throughout this audio book creating an artful balance between helpful suggestions from her professional experience as a therapist and pet loss counselor, and her personal experience as a pet owner.  A 28-page Pet Loss Resource booklet accompanies the audiobook.

This audiobook won YokoSpirit Publications the 1999 Audie Award in the Best New Publisher category from the Audio Publishers Association at the 1999 BookExpo in Los Angeles.  The Revised Edition 2000 of Journey Through Pet Loss was released at BookExpo in Chicago, June 2-4, 2000, with two very successful signings.


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Permission Slips ~ The Messages From Beyond The Rainbow Bridge
 by Chriss Ann Bowman

This web video (and its companion ebook) was created by Chriss Ann Bowman in order to share uplifting messages and beautiful images with pet lovers and animal lovers everywhere.  Inspired by her beloved Birman cat, Lillie, Bowman wrote these messages in a journal during her own battle with cancer.  This web video is her way of "giving back" to Lillie and animal caregivers everywhere through a haunting collection of images and messages of love and caring.  In Chriss Bowman's own words, "A little help remembering what your heart already knows, with love to you from all creatures great and small...May these simple messages of love and peace be of comfort and inspiration to you.  Love & Light, Chriss Ann Bowman, BS in Animal Science, Author, Listening Coach For Families of Children With Autism, Spiritual Counselor and Founder & Facilitator For A Stitch In Time, A Cancer Support Group"

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