How The NHFP is Funded

The NHFP is supported primarily by contributions from pet parents who have had a beloved pet favorably cared for through veterinary hospice and who often wish to honor the pet’s memory (or that of a friend or relative) through inclusion as donors in our online “Anastasia’s Angel” Memorial. Many others are animal-loving friends, supporters, patrons, benefactors and sponsors who recognize the validity of our programs and who hope to make a difference in the lives of pets everywhere. Additional contributions come from veterinarians, mental health/hospice professionals, veterinary technicians, animal health care specialists and veterinary students who also wish to donate to our cause. In the future, we hope to count on gifts from associations and animal welfare groups; grants from foundations, corporations, government agencies, and institutions of higher learning; and legacies and bequests from private individuals.

 Contributions to The NHFP are Tax-deductible  

The NHFP is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, a qualified member of The United Way of the Bay Area (UWBA), and an annual participant in the California Charitable Employees Campaign (CCEC). As such, all donations made to our organization are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law and are used to promote the concept of veterinary hospice care as well as to implement the many programs and projects The NHFP is involved in. Once a substantial funding base has been achieved, The NHFP hopes to provide financial aid to needy and elderly pet parents who could not otherwise afford veterinary hospice care for their pets. By becoming part of The NHFP’s veterinary hospice family, donors help to increase access nationwide to this very special kind of caring that cannot be found elsewhere.   

Benefits Associated with Your Contributions 

When you join The NHFP as a friend or supporter, you are entitled to certain benefits that generally cover an entire calendar year. Supporters of The NHFP are asked to pay $15 per year and will receive our magnet and our newsletter. We recommend this level for pet parents, certified veterinary technicians, animal health care specialists, hospice volunteers or members of the public at large who wish to help support our efforts. Friends of The NHFP pay only $10 per year and receive our magnet and our flyer. We recommend this particular level for senior citizens or students. Of course, gifts in any amount are welcome throughout the year, and you may want to become a patron, for a contribution of $500; a benefactor, for a contribution of $1,000; or a sponsor, for a contribution of $5,000 or more. All of our donors are regularly listed in our newsletters and on the “Benefactors, Supporters and Friends” page on this website.

The NHFP also urges prospective donors to seriously consider including our organization in their estate plans and participating in the Leave a Legacy program, which is explained in more detail below. Furthermore, those of you who send us donations and gifts, or who join us as friends and supporters may rest assured that your contributions will not only go far in helping us meet our day-to-day operating expenses, but will also allow us to promote our objectives and carry out many of the important programs we are in the process of establishing. By joining The NHFP, you will help pet parents everywhere who want to utilize this extraordinary service in order to give their animals the same compassionate, professional care that can be expected for any family member. Added to this is the personal satisfaction of knowing that your contributions are helping to promote the cause of veterinary hospice care across the nation. For your convenience, our Enrollment/Gift Form has been included further on below in a printable PDF file.           

The Leave a Legacy Program

Leave a Legacy is a campaign to increase public awareness about the importance of charitable giving through wills or other estate gifts. Americans are very generous people. Annually, they donate $150 billion to the charitable organizations of their choice. However, of all this donated money, less than 6% is donated through estate gifts. The Leave a Legacy campaign helps educate people from all walks of life as to the possibility of making an estate gift to the charity of their choice. Both those who have been able to give generously during their lifetimes, as well as those who have been unable to make lifetime gifts, can discover ways to make major contributions through thoughtful, well-planned wills and other gift techniques. With foresight, dedication, and a little planning, generous people can continue to make a difference even after they are gone.

Gifts may be in the form of money, property, investments or a portion of an estate. Gifts can be given simply as a "thank you" to a beloved organization, or to ensure the continued vitality of the community for generations to come. Tax benefits may be derived from these gifts. An attorney, accountant or financial advisor can help determine the type of gift that is right for each individual. The NHFP has joined scores of other nonprofit organizations around the nation in promoting the Leave a Legacy educational campaign. It is a promise made by one generation to succeeding generations that valued institutions will still be there for them. For more information about the campaign or how you can include The NHFP in your estate plans, please email us at  If you would like more information on the Leave a Legacy program, please click on the following link:

Charitable Gifts of Life Insurance

Life insurance has long played an important role in charitable giving. Whether you donate an older policy that you no longer need, or start a new policy to fund a major charitable project, life insurance offers a unique way to leverage relatively moderate annual payments into a sizable charitable gift.

Methods for Transferring Life Insurance to Charity.

There are four basic methods to benefit The NHFP using life insurance:

1.      Name The NHFP as your successor beneficiary. For example, you own a policy and have named your spouse as the beneficiary. You could name The NHFP as successor beneficiary in the event that your spouse predeceases you. There are no immediate tax benefits, but if no successor beneficiary were named, the death benefit would be included in your taxable estate. 

2.      Name The NHFP as your primary beneficiary. For example, if you purchased a policy several years ago but your chosen beneficiary no longer needs the protection, you can designate The NHFP to receive the benefits. Once again, your estate would receive a charitable deduction and the death benefit would pass to charity tax-free. 

3.      You can donate an existing policy to The NHFP. If you have older insurance policies which you no longer need and would like a current income tax deduction, you can donate these contracts to The NHFP. As long as all of the rights of ownership are completely transferred to The NHFP, you receive a current income tax deduction equal to the lesser of your cost basis or the fair market value of the policy (roughly equal to the cash surrender value). 

         Examples of policies which are often no longer needed:

  • Business insurance after the business has been sold

  • Income replacement insurance after you have retired

  • Estate insurance when your estate has been reduced below the taxable level

  • Mortgage insurance after the mortgage has been repaid 

4.      You can give a new policy to charity. Many donors would like to make a significant contribution to The NHFP but simply don’t have the available funds. If you transfer a newer insurance policy, or even purchase a new policy on your life and name The NHFP as owner, you can achieve your philanthropic goals. For example, you allow The NHFP to purchase a $100,000 policy on your life and every year, you donate sufficient funds to The NHFP to pay the annual premiums.  With this planning, you guarantee that The NHFP will receive a sizable donation, whether you pass away 10 years from now or live to be 100. By using life insurance, you limit your current outlay to a small deductible annual gift. You can even leverage this current gift further, by donating highly appreciated assets, such as stocks or mutual funds, to pay these premiums. You still receive an income tax deduction for the gift, and The NHFP can sell these assets without paying capital gains taxes. Of course, all financial decisions should be discussed with your legal and tax advisors.



If you would like to access and print out our Enrollment/Gift Form, which will allow you to send us a donation and become a supporter, friend, patron, benefactor or sponsor of The NHFP, please click on the blue Enrollment/Gift Form button below.  This will take you to a PDF file which you can then print out and mail to us.  You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to download the form.  If you do not have it installed, please click on the yellow button below, and you will be able to download the program for free from the Adobe website.


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