The Nikki Hospice Foundation for Pets wishes to thank all of the following people who have contributed to our on-going efforts to promote the concept of veterinary hospice care through their very generous donations. By becoming benefactors, supporters and friends of The NHFP, these caring people have ensured that our organization can continue its important work. Those who have made their donations in memory of a beloved pet or loved one will find their names listed on The "Anastasia's Angel" Memorial page (whose link is below). We warmly thank each and every one of our benefactors, supporters and friends and hope they will remain with us for years to come.

The "Anastasia's Angel" Memorial



Lara Dean
Creature Comfort In-Home Animal Hospice



Shari Lowen Doris and Marcos Pareas Judith and Michael C. Addington
Roxane Fritz Mary and B. R. Hagar Christy Davison and Althea Smith
Maureen Turley Stefan and Mary Krieger Regina and James M. Degner
Louise Holton Jacqueline & Gary Barnett Laura Leebrick
Julie Dailey Jan O’Sullivan Linda Macdonald and Earl Kelly
Shirley Bollinger Jennifer Martin, DVM Frank J. and Michele R. Cannon
Jeff Hall
Farlar International
Paulette Slade and Barry Gillogly  Krista Heidersbach
(and ChevronTexaco's "People Making a Difference Campaign")
Shannon Messina Clifford McVey, DVM Brad Crutchfield, VMD, P.C. 
Debbie Carew James Spencer, DVM C. Hardin
Lynne Stilwell Michael Dugan, DVM Chuck and Joan Constantine
Susan Lowman Katherine Skiff Kane, DVM Michael and Loretta Ferraro
Jessica Baird Ilana P. Strubel, DVM Margaret Nairn Pettyjohn
Gretchen Etzold Alice L. McCutcheon John T. Guerra
Sandra Owen Judson S. Kuehn Ann McClenaghan
Mike Ollikainen Alicia M. Neyer Kennedy Judy Jo Ramsey
Julie Dodock, RVT Lavonna Young Polly Spofforth
Kim Osborn Donell Azcarate Jannick Pitot
Janell Rhodes Carol J. Hoffman Larry Bohlig
Elaine Escobar Carolyn Bosel Tom Anderson
David W. Bartley Marilyn Smith Susan Sakala
Valerie Fanchar David Carlile Judy Canright
Gail Braum Jacquie Dillard-Foss Evelyn Martinez
Robert Parnell Karen Commings Elaine Reinhardt
Jill Condon Marion Diller Gina Amato
Susan Espey Ellen Small Walt Lew
Luann Rockey Sylvia Basu Rebel Underwood
Evelyn Abston Donna Isaac Alice M. Ries
Rita Mazenko Charlene K. Dinsdale Linda Chwistek
Deborah Caston Abbie Whitehead, DVM Clifford C. Runkle
Dr. Ettore B. Bossatti Valerie and Michael Taylor Frank and Cheryl Emmolo
Eileen Price
(on behalf of Project Blog)
Constance A. Walton
(on behalf of Leeanne Laughlin, Project Blog)
Sandy Chasteen, Visiting Nurse Services (on behalf of Dianne Conklin)
Gerry Lee Kristine Young, DVM and
Juliet Sternberg, LMSW
Katherine Dyson, BVMS, MRCVS
Gail M. Lubin Randi E. Golub, CVT Professor and Mrs.
J. Michael Robertson
(on behalf of Michelle Fremount)
Judy Owens, DVM Cheri Buonaguidi Annette Cardin



Stacey Neu

Juliana and Vince Fabbri

Dennise F. Cassidy

Lynette Morrison

Felicia Morris

Wendy Dunlap
(on behalf of Project Blog)


An Anonymous Friend of Animals from Bath, New York